Foster & Partners, the firm behind the creation of the upcoming Terminal 2 at Heathrow, has launched its latest construction spectacle – the ME hotel in Aldwych.

The hotel is a facility catering for London’s super-rich elite (which is probably obvious from its shamelessly ego-centric name), with rooms costing around £400 a night. The site has also been causing a stir in architectural and interior design circles due to its bold colour scheme and decoration. The interior is almost entirely black, with black lifts, carpets and furnishings, and certainly adds to Foster & Partners’ reputation as an architect firm that isn’t afraid to take risks.

The hotel is situated in Aldwych next to Marconi House, a building from 1904 which is also owned by Foster & Partners’ companion company Silken House. Interestingly, this is the first hotel constructed by the firm, which has a long history in building retail, museum and office spaces but little experience with hotels.

The site is open for booking now although, unless you are a millionaire, you probably won’t be staying there. Still, it certainly makes for an interesting, if divisive, architectural addition to the London landscape.

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