Want to permanently leave your mark on London? Why not name a new street at one of the busiest commuter points in the city?!

King’s Cross Station is currently home to one of the largest building sites in Europe. The 64 acre site on the old railway lines North of the main station have been under construction for some time. However, as the work begins to draw to a close, the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership is looking for name suggestions for the new streets.

Ten names are needed, and the organisation has already suggested King’s Boulevard and Handyside Street to give the public an idea of what it’s looking for. Indeed, in the words of the organisation’s official statement:

“So far, the street names chosen have had a clear link to King’s Cross, whether past, present or future, for example they relate to notable people, activities or events associated with the area. KCCLP believes that has worked well, but consideration will now be given to all sensible suggestions that are consistent with Camden Council’s guidelines on the naming of streets and those considered the most appropriate will form a shortlist.”

Want to propose your own street name? Fill in the information on this form and you could leave an enduring mark on the landscape of London for years to come!

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