The Eels are bringing their own particular brand of lo-fi indie delights to the O2 Academy Brixton in March with a gig featuring new songs from their latest album.

The Eels’ latest record, “Wonderful, Glorious”, was released in February and this latest gig is sure to be a blend of its latest tracks and some of the band’s more popular songs from the past.

A gig at the O2 Academy Brixton is a terrific experience, holding around 3,700 people and providing both standing and seated tickets. A short walk down the road from Brixton station, this gig is perfect for anyone in South London looking for a night out of great live music.

Martin - Having lived in London for over 10 years, Martin prides himself on his knowledge of the best places to spend a great night out….or at least, the best places to spend a great night out that sell alcohol. When he’s not reviewing London's most intriguing hotspots and hidden gems, he spends most of his time playing gigs around the city, so expect to see one of his shows promoted in the event calendar soon. Yeah, he has no shame.



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