Wow!! Who would of though it,  that you can now see life like dinosaurs right in front of you, live on stage. Walking With Dinosaurs has returned for yet another amazing tour.

After spreading worldwide and showcasing in over  206 Cities since 2007 when it first came to life in Australia, the remarkable event has decided to come back!
It all began through a six part documentary with the BBC, which was first seen on television in 1999 and was a massive hit with its audience. Demonstrating the co existing creatures that once lived before us and how scientist interact with these dinosaurs and find out fascinating evidence through this.

So if Dinosaurs have been a big question for you in life then this event is definitely one not to be missed. Walking With Dinosaurs is and will be a talked about experience and I for one will be there in disbelief !!



Hello London !!! Nicole here, Born in West Yorkshire. A Young dedicated writer with a thrill for open space and ruby Ales. Ability to expand on new and old features in the city for your True-London experience !



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