Fabric has built a name for itself as one of the biggest clubs in the world. The venue regularly has some of the biggest names in drum ‘n bass and hip hop DJ-ing.

Fabric is most likely bigger than any club you have ever been to. There are a number of rooms which each have their own specific type of music. Rooms one and two are usually drum ‘n bass and house music, while room three is reserved more for hip hop.

The quality of music in Fabric is great, but unfortunately the drinks are expensive. However, soft drinks are reasonably priced so if you’re going purely to listen to the music, you might want to stay dry on this night!

If you are going to Fabric, you’ll need to prepare for a full night out! The doors usually open at around 10.30, although the queue can stretch down the road and round the corner, so if you want to get in without standing outside for too long you should aim to get there for between eight and nine. Similarly, you can usually expect to get out of the club at between four and five, so you either need to plan your bus route back or be prepared to wait around until the tube opens first thing in the morning!

Fabric provides for an unforgettable night of live music – just be prepared to be exhausted the next day!

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