Harrods has developed a reputation as one of the world’s finest department stores. They say that anything, absolutely anything can be bought from Harrods, whether they have it in store or need to order it in, and one look at the store’s finery should be enough to convince you whether this is true!

Let’s make no mistake – Harrods is the kind of place most people go to browse. The store has some of the most expensive consumer products on the market, so only a lucky few will actually be able to buy anything from there!

Harrods typically specialises in luxury fashion goods. The biggest brand names from Armani to Christian Dior all have concessions in the store and products can cost thousands and thousands of pounds. Luckily, there are lower priced items like food and drink at Harrods, although these are obviously still expensive compared to elsewhere.

One thing many people do not know about Harrods is that it has a dresscode and reserves the right to turn people away depending on how they are dressed! The store isn’t particularly strict on this, but it might be worth remembering to not turn up at Harrods wearing shorts and sandals!

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