The Portobello Road Market is one of the most famous street Markets in London. It first began in 1870 and covers over two miles on a long narrow street, starting from Ladbroke Grove and ending at Notting Hill.

The market is there all week selling a variety of things from antics, second hand goods, fruit and veg, food and clothing.

However Saturday is the biggest day for the market being the major and most popular day for the antics sold here.

The main antics market is at the Notting Hill end of the road and consists of old fashionable trinkets like stop watches, compasses, and little metal storage tins.  Old-fashioned Jewelry is also big here, selling anything from rings, necklaces and bracelets, all of which are beautifully designed.

The crowd that attacks the Saturday market is immense, everybody seems rather excited to see what is on the menu. Music is quite often played and is usually 80’s style bringing the old back to youth.

Food stalls are also a main station here, compromising of burgers, wraps, hot or cold pastries, crepes, ice cream tables, all this contributes to the lively out doors here at Ladbroke Grove.

Bars and restaurants get ridiculously packed especially on the weekend, but with friendly staff and a chilled atmosphere having no seat is never an issue.

This market truly is a fantastic and rather unique place to shop, jam and generally have a good time.

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