The Water Poet pub is a modern and lively pub in Shoreditch. Its slightly hidden location on the cobbled Folgate Street shields you from the crowds and tourists in nearby Spitalfields Market, and it is opposite Dennis Severs’ House that dates back to approximately 1724.

The pub, however, is firmly in the twenty-first century. It boasts a large and well stocked main bar decorated stylishly in deep red and burgundy and even a rocking horse on the bar. The Dining Room has a celestial feel – angels, ornate over-sized frames and baroque curtains and a Pool Parlour has two large pool tables. The main attraction is the very popular walled beer garden with decking, but be warned – if the sun makes an appearance you will struggle to find a seat.

The Water Poet can get mobbed at weekends, but this is one of the reasons I love it. It is spacious enough to still feel comfortable and not too rammed, and the atmosphere has always been buzzing but friendly on the many occasions I have visited.  Live football is shown on widescreen TVs but unobtrusively which prevents the Water Poet turning into a ‘football pub’. It is adequately cosy in the autumn and winter months with roaring fires and comfy chairs and comfort food takes the form of highly recommended lunch and main dishes and clever Sunday roasts.

It really comes into its own though in the summer months with a very popular BBQ outside on the decked patio (plus a Hog Roast) and so it is essential to reserve a table if you are in for the long haul. I have celebrated many birthdays – my own and others – in the Water Poet garden and watched the sun set with a cider or three. Expect bunting, high spirits and friendly crowds right up until very last orders.

The Water Poet is not just for drinking though; it proudly hosts comedy nights and the ubiquitous pub quiz but a real treat is The Underground Picturehouse held every Wednesday evening. It showcases classic films and ‘wish I was there’ live music concerts, complete with comfy sofas and bar with tickets all at a very reasonable £6.00.

So, my tip is to avoid the Spitalfields market crowds, sneak down Folgate Street and have good old knees up in the Water Poet. It is a great place to start an afternoon or evening in Shoreditch – or stay until the sun goes down.



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