Wilton’s Music Hall in the East End has launched a couple of money-making initiatives to support the Capital Project, an initiative aimed at stablising and renovating the Grade I East End building (for those who haven’t been to Wilton’s yet, check out our review for full details on this magnificent music hall).

The new Cabinet of Curiosities shop is hosted inside the music hall itself and offers jewellery and other trinkets from artists and jewellers working in the local area. The pieces on sale have all been directly inspired by the venue itself, and can be purchased from between 12pm and 9pm inside or any time online.

Additionally, the music hall has also launched a dedicated app (priced at £1.49). The app takes the form of a mystery game, inspired by true events from the venue’s past, where players can explore hidden rooms and discover lost secrets from Wilton’s glorious past. This YouTube video offers a little taste of what the game has in store.

The music hall has about £300,000 left to raise to hit its target, so if you love Wilton’s as much as we do, pop along to buy some jewellery or download the game!

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