Located in the backstreets of Tower Hill, Wilton’s Music Hall is certainly one of the more unique venues in London, and one of the hardest to find. Don’t be put off by its hidden location though, as it’s worth the work to find.

The most immediate thing that grabs you about the music hall is its age! Very little renovations have been carried out over the years, meaning the place is still pretty much in its original state, which is great for history buffs!

At the back of the main bar is the performance room, which is spectacularly grand and luxurious. Performances do occur here every now and then, although they are ticketed and the chances are you will mostly be spending your evening in the main bar.

The music hall has quaint furnishings and décor, and in almost every room there is a piano which visitors are allowed to play – perfect for those who know how to tinkle the odd ivory!

There are also various events held at Wilton’s. The pub quizzes are fairly renowned throughout London and are held by The Times newspaper, while the ping pong tables upstairs provide the perfect opportunity for people to enter tournaments. All in all, Wilton’s is a night out with a difference!

Martin - Having lived in London for over 10 years, Martin prides himself on his knowledge of the best places to spend a great night out….or at least, the best places to spend a great night out that sell alcohol. When he’s not reviewing London's most intriguing hotspots and hidden gems, he spends most of his time playing gigs around the city, so expect to see one of his shows promoted in the event calendar soon. Yeah, he has no shame.