Over the years gay pride has been a bigger and greater event in London. It is a massive campaign towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in order to reinforce their rights in society. This major event been apparent since 1969 and has spread across nations such as Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, Dallas, West Berlin, Chicago and London of course!

The high speed in people that multiply rapidly is beyond exciting. The crowd itself is one of the main attractions as well as the parade, which will start at Baker Street and continue down through Oxford and Regent Street and then return to Trafalgar Square where the main event will happen. Big screens take over as well as a huge stage where acts and music will be played to the community. Not only this, but everyone gathers around the whole of Soho coming together in the celebration. Bars and clubs are open extended hours to get the party really started.

This truly is an event to go to even if you are not believer of the campaign.

Hello London !!! Nicole here, Born in West Yorkshire. A Young dedicated writer with a thrill for open space and ruby Ales. Ability to expand on new and old features in the city for your True-London experience !



This event does not require any ticket purchase.

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