Have you ever watched an anime? Have you ever played a game? If the answer is yes to both of these then I could probably have a damn good conversation with you, because you will be easy to mock in the former and marvellous debate in the latter but aren’t you tired of being sneered at by the fusty, fastidious fuckers who see both of these things as merely children’s past times? Of course you are! Because no matter how many like minded younguns you find (either out of social interaction or a deep illegal carnal desire) you will always be sneered at by the previous generations just as the generation before them sneered at television. Well fuck em. This is an event for people who don’t care one jot about the oldies views of the new cultural renaissance; this is for gamers and mad anime craving lunatics alike.


The MCM Expo has been held in the Excel Centre (the stadium equivalent of a bunch of flee bitten ware houses but the Olympics was held there so hush my mouth I suppose) for many years now and occurs twice a year for nerds across the globe to flock to. Joining the likes of Kitsune and Khaotic Con in the list of little Mecca’s that give us a chance to let our hair down, dress up like idiots and get massively drunk all while gaming and meeting new people. The reason I tout this marvellous event so highly is because it is literally everything a mass gathering of like minded people should be. It is possible to talk to quite literally anyone there and be treated like an old friend because you’re both there for the same thing, an atmosphere rarely seen outside of moaning at train ticket salesmen and German orgies.


So what I am saying is you have several things going on. You’ve got gaming, anime, cosplay and beautiful people. If you are still having second thoughts then just go once for me, if you don’t like it, you can punch me up the cock hole…or you could always just go to Berlin (wink wink).

Will price is a student, writer, critic and snarky cynical bastard based in London. He (by which I mean me) is around the web on sites such as Weekend Notes and Gamersaurs where he is a video games journalist. He (by which I still mean me) is often as approachable as one can expect from a hate filled misanthrope, so if you wish to ask him (by which you must by now realise I definitely mean me) any questions or just settle down with him (its fucking me alright!?) for a nice chat, feel free to contact him.



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