Designer? Budding artist? Seek out trendy furniture? Adore fashion design? Then hop on the nearest bus, tube, train or boat to the very cool Shad Thames and make your way to the outstanding Design Museum before the end of July.

The Museum sits stylishly by the River Thames near Tower Bridge and hosts a number of fascinating exhibitions that trace the history and process of contemporary design, showcases hot new designers and holds guest talks and very cool after hours events. The Design Museum Shop sells beautiful jewellery, design and art books and furniture.

If you are in town, be sure to catch the Designs of the Year 2013 exhibition, known globally and very grandly as ‘the Oscars of the design world,’ The exhibition showcases the most innovative and imaginative designs from all around the world. Each year the Design Museum calls on its panel of industry experts to nominate inspiring ideas to compete for the awards. There are seven different categories – fashion, digital, product, graphics, furniture, architecture and transport design if that’s your thing.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing (Prada S/S12 Ready To Wear Collection anyone?) there are also several products displayed that show how good design can create change and alleviate suffering in developing countries such as ‘ColaLife’ by Simon Berry, which I won’t go into detail about so you can check it out yourself.

Even if you don’t think design is your bag, it’s is well worth a stroll/boat ride down the river for this exhibition, where you will be dazzled, surprised and won over by the wonders of modern design.



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