Beach Blanket Babylon, affectionately known as BBB, the name of this illustrious cocktail bar and restaurant is as perplexing and appealing as its design aesthetic. From the outside, its white awnings look like your typically expensive beachside bar, but the inside reveals a Boho Chic atmosphere complete with roaring fireplaces and opulent furniture. The décor is a visually intriguing mix of Baroque, French Country Chateau and Rococo – the most bizarre element of which is a deer’s head crowned with a diamond tiara – and the layout is peppered with secretive and intimate spots, cast in moody lighting, making it perfect for a romantic occasion or a catch-up session with old friends.

Descending from the bar into the restaurant below, you cross a beautiful wooden walkway suspended by chains, into catacombs, dressed in elaborate mosaic patterns, and lit by candlelight. While the seasonal fusion cuisine is presented beautifully, be warned that it can be quite expensive and not always as tasty as it looks. The cocktail menu on the other hand is to die for, with unusual original recipes, and the wine list is equally impressive. Be warned – this is not a spot for beer lovers!

Most nights of the week the bar has a live DJ mixing up some great ambient tunes, which pick up towards the end of the night if you fancy a dance. With something for everyone this gem of a place is the perfect spot to finish up a day in the city in style, especially if you’re in the mood for romance.

I’ve had many an intimate evening catching up with old friends, or romancing my husband here, especially after shopping trips to Portobello Market, and every time I’ve brought a visiting guest here they’ve loved it!

Sholeh - I live in North London and love this city for the incredible range of things happening all at once, and the different cultures all mixed in together. I'm especially fond of going to the theatre, finding interesting cocktail bars (the lesser known the better) and eating LOTS of good food, preferably food I haven't tried before. I also have a fetish for independent book shops, turkish baths and writing.