If comedy is your thing then look no further than the Soho Theatre as your one-stop shop for both established comedians and emerging stand-up talent. Soho Theatre also programmes theatre (as you’d guess from the name!) and is one of London’s new writing hubs, focused on developing new work by both young and well known playwrights. Experimental, political and unafraid of being outspoken, Soho Theatre’s line-up of both local London discoveries and internationally celebrated names, almost always make for a fantastic night out.

Soho Theatre also happens to be smack bang in the middle of … yes, you guessed it – Soho! A neighbourhood thronging with bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes of all kinds, Soho is also homeland to London’s gay community, making for a great party atmosphere most nights of the week. Despite this steep competition, Soho Theatre Bar measures up well with an ambient, moody atmosphere, a good wine and cocktail selection and very well-made nibbles to keep hunger at bay. They’re open form breakfast to dinner with a simple but satisfying classic menu, and personally I think their bagels are scrimptious. A very central and convenient place to meet up and kick start the evening.

Top Tip – if you’re just visiting just for drinks, try to arrive before 6.30 or after 7.30 to get a table and miss the pre-show bar traffic.

Sholeh - I live in North London and love this city for the incredible range of things happening all at once, and the different cultures all mixed in together. I'm especially fond of going to the theatre, finding interesting cocktail bars (the lesser known the better) and eating LOTS of good food, preferably food I haven't tried before. I also have a fetish for independent book shops, turkish baths and writing.