Bodean’s is a fine example of all-American grill cuisine and atmosphere, with various branches throughout the city. However, my favourite is in Clapham – mainly because it’s the closest to where I live and walking home after being absolutely stuffed isn’t too difficult!

As the pictures of the food suggest, this grill restaurant is THE place you come if you have a hankering for some meat. The pulled pork burgers are delicious, with the meat appropriately slow roasted over a number of days, while the Soho Special combines a number of different cuts of meat for those wishing to sample a little bit of everything. If there are two of you dining, the sharing platter is also a great way to experience everything the chain has to offer.

Although the focus is on the meat, Bodean’s grill also makes a mean drink. The choices are fairly standard, but I recommend the whisky sour if that’s your thing – it certainly helps wash the quality meat down!

Bodean’s in Soho has its main restaurant downstairs, although if you are just after a quick bite to eat at lunch you can sit in the canteen area upstairs. This is much more informal, and the latest American hockey, baseball and basketball matches are broadcast for your viewing pleasure.

There are certain vegetarian options on the menu, but these basically are limited to macaroni and cheese, so if you are looking for a place suitable for vegetarians, don’t even bother! But if you do go, promise me you have you pink coloured mayonnaise that tastes absolutely delicious but has an ingredient I can’t quite put my finger on!

Martin - Having lived in London for over 10 years, Martin prides himself on his knowledge of the best places to spend a great night out….or at least, the best places to spend a great night out that sell alcohol. When he’s not reviewing London's most intriguing hotspots and hidden gems, he spends most of his time playing gigs around the city, so expect to see one of his shows promoted in the event calendar soon. Yeah, he has no shame.