For those who want to wine and dine in a pub with some character, The Dickens Inn is an excellent choice. Right next to The Tower of London, its a perfect pub to go to after a tour of The Crown Jewels.

The Dickens Inn sits within St Katharine’s Docks, and there are plenty of lovely sail boats moored around you to make for a stunning view. On Fridays, the docks have a food market right outside the pub, so you can always enjoy some cuisines from India or Thailand before you have a drink.

That said, the food at The Dickens Inn itself is very nice. It’s quite standard fare really, with the main things they offer being pizzas or items from the grill, but you can also get a supersize pizza ideal for sharing with a large group.

For those who want the classic pub experience, The Dickens Inn broadcasts football matches throughout the week and has a wide selection of locally and nationally brewed ales.

Another thing that makes this pub stand out is the beer garden. Staggered over two floors, the main garden is a great area to spend a lazy summer’s day in. The decking around the outside of the pub also means you can catch some serious rays if you go on a day with nice weather!

Martin - Having lived in London for over 10 years, Martin prides himself on his knowledge of the best places to spend a great night out….or at least, the best places to spend a great night out that sell alcohol. When he’s not reviewing London's most intriguing hotspots and hidden gems, he spends most of his time playing gigs around the city, so expect to see one of his shows promoted in the event calendar soon. Yeah, he has no shame.