At the heart of London’s West End theatre land is one of the city’s little-known treasures – a intimate cabaret bar which makes up in spectacle and sensuality what it lacks in space; The cellar door bar!

This underground den of hedonistic sensibilities started life as a public toilet, but not just any old loo – this was the most infamous of all London’s Men’s Rooms, and it’s said that it was frequented by the likes of Oscar Wilde and others. It’s still known for its rather risque toilet designs which have to be seen to be believed! But there’s none of the grime of its former identity left, only glamour.

Cellar Door transports you into a 1930’s Berlin-meets-New York style underground club, where angels and devils serve you incredible cocktails, and those who has a soft spot for their substances can forgo the cigarettes and have a sniff of snuff, which is sold in several flavors behind the bar.

Every night at 9 pm there are free live acts that perform on the minuscule stage (which is quite literally about one meter squared), providing an up close and personal experience for both performers and audience. The acts vary, from musical theatre to cabaret to burlesque – and are usually fantastic. There are other ways you can interact with the entertainment too – the SMS jukebox, Hang the DJ, is a great way to make sure you can get the soundtrack to your evening just right.

Being such a tiny place it’s always worth getting there early-ish in the evening or booking in advance to make sure you get a seat.

Sholeh - I live in North London and love this city for the incredible range of things happening all at once, and the different cultures all mixed in together. I'm especially fond of going to the theatre, finding interesting cocktail bars (the lesser known the better) and eating LOTS of good food, preferably food I haven't tried before. I also have a fetish for independent book shops, turkish baths and writing.