In London but got a hankering for LA drinks and Mexican food? No problem. Off broadway is the way to go!

It’s stiff competition but this might be east London’s best cocktail bar. Best of all, it’s tucked up a little market street in Hackney, far away from any underground station, and full of friendly neighbours. Seats are limited, but I like it that way. No one will think you an idiot if you come in alone, pull a stool up at the bar, and drink your way through the massive cocktail list – the staff here are stupidly knowledgeable about what goes in the drinks.

There’s already around 40 cocktails on the menu but as it says ‘if the bar staff look bored, ask them to make you something special’. You can literally have anything you like in here – I prefer to start with an Espresso Martini and work my way through the list until I fall off my bar stool sideways – if anyone ever gets through the full cocktail menu, I want to shake their hand.

Food is based on the LA street food that owner Byron grew up with. Soft shell tacos with the melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork and their on special salsas are just enough to give the stomach a good lining while leaving enough room for more cocktails. A little wooden boat with three soft tacos in doesn’t look likely to fill when it come to the table but there’s always a deceiving amount of meat in there.