The Endurance is one of Soho’s finest pubs, attracting a wide range of locals and tourists. Although it’s not one of the cheapest places around to enjoy a pint, its interesting decor and great food make up for the cost.

What makes The Endurance stand out as a pub is its emphasis on game and wild animals. Indeed, the interior is decorated with stuffed heads of a number of animals including boar, wolves and deer, so it may not be a place for those that hate hunting but it is certainly suitable for budding taxidermists!

This emphasis the pub places on game is also present in its menu. The wild boar dishes and venison burgers are delicious, but for those who want something a bit different you could always try the rabbit hot wings! Even the chips are dipped in beef dripping!

Although there’s not much going on in terms of music or live events, the pub is one of the few in the immediate area that has a jukebox, with a wide range of hits to suit every musical taste.

In the end, it is the mix of old fashioned hearty pub goodness and an interesting influence of animals, both on the menu and on the walls (!), that makes The Endurance a sure-fire hit in the centre of the capital.

Martin - Having lived in London for over 10 years, Martin prides himself on his knowledge of the best places to spend a great night out….or at least, the best places to spend a great night out that sell alcohol. When he’s not reviewing London's most intriguing hotspots and hidden gems, he spends most of his time playing gigs around the city, so expect to see one of his shows promoted in the event calendar soon. Yeah, he has no shame.