Just off of Soho Square down the back streets sits Vodka Revolution Bar.

The famous Cocktail bar that everyone should experience at least once in his or her life.

The darkly decorated interior intrigues all as soon as you step inside. It offers a comfortable surrounding, with large leather settees and low tables, making it perfect for all occasions, whether it is a social outing or even a meeting. However you must dress smart so no hoods! On the weekends, this place is admirable for its late night partying and its chilled out atmosphere.

The main attraction to this cocktail bar is all the vodka. It has a selection of thirty different homemade flavors allowing its costumers to choose or taste any flavor they wish too; it could be anything from chili vodka to blueberry. Each shot of vodka is served chilled and can be bought individually or there is an offer of 15 shots for £10, which is great for friends that are new to the bar. On the other hand, if you are not a big vodka lover they also serve beers and wines at a price of around £4.80 for wine and beer at the usual £3.50-£4.00.

AS well as this, they supply food. They have a stylish menu consisting of platters, mains and deserts. The platters are great for sharing and include anything from nachos, fries, battered onion rings and chicken goujons. Mains can be pizzas, burgers, tortilla flatbreads and salads and if you look closely at the menu you may find that vodka has been added to your food for more of a kick!

This truly is a classy cocktail bar and you sure will have a bizarre time.

Hello London !!! Nicole here, Born in West Yorkshire. A Young dedicated writer with a thrill for open space and ruby Ales. Ability to expand on new and old features in the city for your True-London experience !